Leaders are the fore runners and the torch bearers of an organization. No leaders are super man from the day one, of course they are not born but made. This self-contained leadership coaching suite provide the necessary ingredients for a successful leader at any deck of the organization. At Precede, we sternly believe leadership is an art rather than a skill.

Course Name Duration Course Id
Heart of leadership 3 days
Innovation and Creativity for leaders 2 days
Innovative Problem Solving 3 days
Strategic Decision making: Learning from the mega-size problems 3 days
Tri-Chord: You, Your team and Knowledge sharing 3 days
360- Degree Assessment Workshop 1 day
Critical thinking for problem solving 3 days
Leadership and engaging the team 3 days
Leaders and Emotional Intelligence 3 days
Orchestrating the execution of plans 3 days
Leadership thinking: From tactics to Strategy 3 days
Communication Skills and Leadership 3 days
Leadership for novice 3 days
Leaders the Change agents 3 days
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